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Night Photography & Light Painting

Learn professional tips for taking spectacular night photography

1 x 2 hour session for $100 per person

Tuition content

Learn to choose the right aperture, ISO and shutter speed settings for the best possible outcome
Learn tips for choosing locations for successful night photography shots
Receive tips for photographing fireworks, car trails, etc.
Unleash your creativity through light painting.


Receive 100% attention
Practical hands-on learning
Small groups of up to 4
Handouts emailed following tuition
Money Back Guarantee provided


Photography Essentials Tuition or a very basic understanding of exposure, including aperture, ISO and shutter speed. A tripod and cable release. Use any camera with manual controls (i.e. you are able to adjust ISO, aperture and shutter speed manually) also a torch for light painting.

Dates, times and location

Flexible dates and times on weekdays or weekends. Tuition is available at The Rocks, Circular Quay or other locations around Sydney Harbour, for a variety of subjects with adequate city lighting. Suggested time of day is after sunset. Classes will only commence with a minimum of 2 people.

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